Huan Min & Jia Yin


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I feel a certain affinity with people I spent a lot of time with. HM, JY and I have come a long way. If you haven’t seen their engagement photos taken in Japan yet, you must see them here and here. These are things that I don’t even know how to begin to describe with words.

For a start, HM & JY have to be the most hardworking couple ever. Did you know that HM went down to Food For Thought on several occasions just to hang those gorgeous paper lanterns up? The good people at Food For Thought loved them so much they kept it there even after the wedding ended. Almost everything is DIY-ed. That includes the green paper cranes, their wedding invites, favours and the like.

I know there has been a lot of online literature about how weddings are becoming more about things than about the couple. I cannot agree more than the couple should always be at the center of the wedding. But when these little individual craft works all carry their fair share of stories, I think they become more than just “things”. They are not mere embellishments of a wedding, but the extensions of who the couple are.

HM & JY wanted a personal touch to their wedding, a day where they could be themselves and also show the world how two unique individuals could come together in beautiful reunion. When a wedding looks this beautiful, when their love shines through every single photograph, I think they did just that. And more.

Rock and roll. Sugoi.

This wedding was featured in The Wedding Scoop and Extraordinary Weddings.

PS: Food For Thought was designed by one of my favourite local designers – Yong of Somewhere Else. Check them out.