Huanmin & Jia Yin | Tokyo, Japan PT II


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Earlier this year over lunch at Coffee Club, Huanmin and Jia Yin asked me if there was a place I really wanted to shoot at. I thought they were just asking. But the first thing that hit me was Ozu, and so I said Japan. (Ozu is my favourite filmmaker.)

The next thing I knew, they agreed to fly me up to Japan for their engagement shoot. No gowns, no makeup artists, none of those frills. Just me, my camera and the two of them. Nice.

Huanmin and Jia Yin are avid travellers. I’ve never seen a couple’s wanderlust run so deep before and I wanted to show that in the photographs. Huanmin and Jia Yin wanted it to be like a travelogue, an adventure. Our visions matched it. It was pure bliss.

I think the photographs are a great testament to how we shot. There were no recces, no location scouting, none of those preconceived plans. Save for Mt Fuji, we strayed away from the usual mainstays. We just walked around all day and shot whatever caught our eye. There was no waiting for the next time – It was love at first sight.

This is exactly what I have been doing for the longest time – chasing for visual poetry. Huanmin and Jia Yin literally gave me all their test and the creative license to do so. This set of photographs are not great because I went to Japan, but because I went to Japan with the two of you.


Jia Yin has this to say: “Almost 1 year ago when we set out visualizing our wedding, we only knew what we didn’t want. No fuss, no doing-for-the-sake-of-doing. We wanted a wedding not about the both of us but wanted to share our journey with people who have made an impact on our lives. Thanks for being a great part of that journey. We have 7372874883 photos from Japan but really only 1 irreplaceable superawesomesugoi memory of our time in Japan…. with you! 🙂:)



This engagement shoot was also featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs.

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