Tanya & Raphael


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This is truly my favourite wedding of 2011. I was very, very fortunate and honoured to be able to photograph the wedding of Tanya and Raphael, both extremely easy-going individuals with simple but great taste. Tanya happens to be the niece of renown director Glen Goei, and the wedding set was designed by Glen’s close friend and production designer, Ian Bailie. Yes, I know right.

Yet, nothing calls excessive attention to itself apart from the couple themselves. This has all the elements of a great and well planned wedding – impeccable art direction down to the very little details, an outdoor solemnization blessed with great light and an unconventional yet simple green gown paired very carefully with the groom’s pastel themed suit. Every element present in the wedding is there for a reason. There are no excessive embellishments because at the heart of every great wedding is the space we give the couple so that they might emote and share with us, their simple love story.

Shot on location – Singapore  : )

PS: Glen is directing a new film entitled Hangman’s Breakfast. Check it out here.