alone –– together


Leonard & Stef by ivan (coming soon)
Adrian & Diana by xinning
Aloy & Charm by xinning & ivan
Chiyong & Xinnie by xinning
Elroy & Jill by xinning
Firas & Jia by xinning
Jonathan & Denise by xinning
Kim & Jeff (35mm) by ivan
Koon & Ginger by xinning
Marshall & Grace by xinning
Mash & Debra by xinning
Stefanus & Angie by ivan
Terence & Claire by xinning & ivan
Wallace & Fel (35mm) by ivan


Mark & Michelle *NEW* by ivan
Jonathan & Gail *NEW* by xinning
Chris & Becky by ivan
Ein & Konnie by xinning
Jac (ob + lyn) by xinning
Jerome & Shaan by xinning
Larry & Sin Nee by ivan
Penghan & Suhua by xinning



I met Debra at Xinnie & Chiyong‘s wedding while waiting in line in the bathroom of only two stalls, which gave us time to chat for a bit. She took my namecard back to Mash and he told her that he had already dropped us an enquiry. It’s funny how our paths have crossed and paralleled.

Earlier this year, my family grieved over the passing of my uncle and the day his ashes came back to us for sea burial, it happened to be my birthday. I’m guilty of sharing it on social media so that I didn’t have to tell people individually why I haven’t been the best at replying their messages. More often than not, when you feel like you’re going through this thing called life alone, you’d be proven wrong. February 2019 was when Debra’s life and mine paralleled. We were both grieving over the loss of our own uncles, we both had a staycation booked and crazily, we also learnt that we share the same birthday.

Venue: Bedok Methodist Church . Changi Beach Club
Videographer: Androids In Boots
Flowers: Windflowerflorist